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If you visit more than 2 locations in any given day then you owe it to yourself to find the best route to go from start to finish in the most efficient and quickest manner. The task of figuring out the optimum route can get very dizzying as you add more and more stops. Simply making left turns, that is somehow supposed to give you the best route, is a myth and offers no scientific explanation. What is really needed is a computer and a state-of-the-art software that can run millions of computations to search for the best route. Enter TrackRoad.com.
What is Route Optimization?
Back TrackRoad.com takes your stops and organizes them in the most efficient and quickest route possible. It does this by analyzing locations with regards to start/ending points, then re-ordering the stops according to the quickest path.
  What is a Route?
A route can contain tens or even hundreds of addresses.
  How many addresses can I optimize in a route?
The rule of thumb is no more than 250 addresses per vehicle per day. Although we have some clients who regularly optimize 500+ stops, we recommend you keep it at less than 250 per vehicle per day.  There is no limit on the number of vehicles in a given day.
  What is Auto-Dispatching?
  When there is more than one vehicle, our logic can distribute the load by examining stop locations relative to each vehicle, assigning the appropriate number of stops to each vehicle, then performing route optimization for each vehicle's route.
Why can't I use MapQuest or Google Maps?
  The simple answer is they are not designed to handle 100 or even 20 stops. They also won't do dispatching, they won't let you run what-if-scenario's, or split the route into monday-friday, set maximum stops per day or vehicle speed/capacity, single-vehicle location switching, import your addresses from Excel, export your finished route to Word, Excel or Garmin, etc.  Certainly, if you need to drive to the bank and then the grocery store, they are great. But if you have a serious business running routes every day or every week, then you need a serious application to help you streamline your daily operation.
  Who uses TrackRoad.com?
  TrackRoad.com customers are from all walks of life and from all over the world.  Below is just a glimpse of who uses TrackRoad:
  Real-estate agents
  Delivery companies
  Process servers
  Landscaping companies
  Truck drivers
  Trash companies
  Fuel deliveries
  Medical suppliers
  Avon agents
  Newspaper/Magazine deliveries
  Flower shops
  Major grocery companies
  Food deliveries
  Police agencies
  Sales agents
  U.S. Military
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  TrackRoad.com is a subsidiary of ADOC. Located in McLean Virginia, ADOC's focus for over 25 years has been intelligent dispatching and route optimization.