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Use Tracking page to add new stops and send to vehicle

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Have you thought about Fuel Cost and load balancing?

For best results always use a vehicle with Start/Finish
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Multiple vehicle routing just got easier. If you have a fleet of vehicles, you would love the new dispatcing mode we've recently added here

New! We've added Max Hours feature to the vehicle page.  Set the Max Hours field to any value other than 0 to specify total number of hours a vehicle can be on the road during the day.  TrackRoad will try to accomodate stops that can be approximately fitted within the Max Hours time window.  Please note that for any vehicle, either Max Stops or Max Hours can be used (not both).

You may use your email address or your User ID to login to TrackRoad.com. Both require the same password.

We've added complete panning to our maps. Now you can drag and move the map, zoom in or zoom out.  See all of your stops on a single map in Route View, optimize them, then re-arrange their priority. You may also click any stop on the right to center map to the stop location. 

TrackRoad.com is an easy-to-use tool for anyone who needs to make multiple stops during a trip and wants to shorten the drive time, save time in traffic and ultimately save fuel. For example, TrackRoad can help sales people, couriers, contractors and virtually anyone travelling to multiple destinations improve their travel time. TrackRoad RouteOptimizer uses advanced algorithms to calculate the best possible route between multiple stops. Routes can be optimized for distance or time. 

New! "Print using PDF" to eliminate blank paper when printing your report